Sunday, November 9, 2008

Miss Bellydance Marbella 2008

I did a job in a nigthclub in marbella last week. "Miss Bellydance Marbella 2008", commisioned by the talented Anandi. It started a 1 a.m. till 4 a.m. I shot in the worst possible light conditions; dark-wood environment, black stage and vari-lights as keylights. The first time I shot bellydance I shot it in a theater with 2 strobes on either side of the stage. NO GO with flashes this time, apparently they got off wrong on their choreography due to the flashes. This time was a lot better they shot 5 beams from the vari-lights aimed at the feet of the dancers (otherwise they get off wrong in their choreography) so basically you could not see shit. Tremendous differences in contrast.....oooofff ugly stuff. I was happy to use my D700. Put it on automatic iso-exposure (lens on 2.8 and the cam looks for the best iso on 1/100th sec). All in all not the best and fun job, but I think I managed to squeeze out a few good ones....
btw, no shots of bellies in the blog (I find bellydance bellies not very attractive)


  1. hi

    you are agood photographer like the picutres

    see you later

  2. Thank you Mitesh, checked out your blog. Some very interesting articles!


  3. Great job, Vincent, especially considering the lighting situation. It's not an easy situation but you pulled it off great! BTW, I'm not a big fan of bellydancer's bellies either!

  4. I love hugeeee boopsss