Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mario Blanca

Together with my lovely assistant Marta Guillen we went for a portrait session in June to one of Malaga's top wedding fashion designers Mario Blanca for the Spanish magazine BodaNova.
We did not have much time, 6 shots in 3 hours. Having totaly embraced the light strobist way I left my bigger monoheads at the studio and just took 2 sb-800 and marta's metz, all filtered with 1/2 cto. With the dress we put a sb800 in the room behind it to give it some glow, triggered with skyports (SP), and 1 sb800 coming from camera left with a shoot through umbrella (stu). Having always worked with reflection umbrellas, i forgot to stupidly turn the umbrella around and kept wondering for half an hour about the lack of power any way I managed I got my head around it during lunchtime. After some more shots we ended up with Mario in his office. He wanted a happy picture and not the regular designer at the drawing board. The idea came up to put him behind a stack of thread-rolls. Keylight is coming from the right with a stu and 1/2 cto, fill is on the left

nikon d700

Yesterday afternoon I received my new toy!!! the Nikon D700 traditional frame. probably the first one in Spain via Robert White photographics in the UK. Great service this company. All through internet....fast and reliable.

What a beauty this camera!! been playing a bit with it but can´t freakin put them through lightroom, have to buy 2.0 i am afraid.
Photoshop opens them with no probs. Love being back at the normal point of view. I am able to also attach all my old non af prime lenses and program the cam so it recognizes them.
I used for the last 3 years the fujipix S3 pro, it is really old and beatup. Did me a great job all this time, but the slowness killed me.
The flash of the d700 I use now as a commander to fire my sb-800s
The D700 is sooooo fast and easy to use

Have to play some more, soon I ´ll upload some results

Sunday, July 27, 2008

my first words....

Well, just starting my blog. I will try to update as much as possible and to explain as much as possible about what i do and what i use in terms of photography. Lots and lots of info I get from the great blogs of David Hobby at strobist.blogspot.com, The very inspiring David Tejada at davidtejada.blogspot.com. I follow their blogs all the time and it opened up a new view for me of using small lights in an off-camera mode. It also saved my back 'cause I travel a lot lighter nowadays :-).
Totally against my nature I post a photograph of myself so at least you know with whom you are dealing :-P. Its a self portrait with 1 nikon sb-800 speedlight with blue gel through though spun for the background and 1 sb-800 through a shoot through umbrella as the keylight

please feel free to comment and to ad stuff

Cheers Vincent

Sherman Robertson at Antequera Blues Festival

Last Friday I shot Connie Lush and Sherman Robertson at the Antequera Blues Festival. Great fun!! good atmosphere and grrrreat music. They kindly allowed me to put a Nikon sb-800 speedlight up in the left light-truss while i put another sb-800 on shoulderlevel at the right corner of the stage. I set the power on 1/4 power to give me quick recharges and plenty of flashes. You keep the nice ambient colorful light and have a crisp edgy image that is actually sharp at a low iso value. Both flashes were triggered by elinchrome skyports so nobody triggered my flashes with theirs. This works flawless. I shot this image at 80mm f5,6 1/180th at 400 iso. processed in Lightroom