Thursday, November 5, 2009

Beauticiun by Hestiun - car shoot

Had to shoot a car in about an hour on a shitty part of the Marbella beach. (why do photographers always lacking time??). This was for a client of mine who is a highly mobile Beautician making house calls for the whole scala of beauty treatments. She just got the car and needed a photograph for an upcoming wedding fair (the one with the bride I shot some time ago) to show her mobility. The weather was not that good although we had some nice clouds coming in to help creating a nice sunset. Light was pretty flat when we started. I had a medium softbox with 1 SB-800 flash coming just from the left of the car lighting up the makeup-box and a bit of the side of the car. Top of the roof and bonnet is natural light coming from the setting sun. Camera right I aimed another SB-800 with a diffuse dome to light up the front. Flash values were about the same. Obviously it has been post processed quite a bit, with some High Pass at the end. I am pretty pleased with the result and so is the client thankfully.........V