Friday, October 31, 2008

Dry Martina

Being on the road lately for a travelguide, got me a legit reason to go party-while-shooting or shoot-while-partying (luv those assignments), which I fully did of course. Being a sucker for (live) jazz music, its one thing I truly miss down here in Spain. I grew up with the annual North Sea Jazz Festival in my native city. Anyway after getting comfortable (aka a few beers) I went into this nice bar in oldtown Marbella, while just having a blast portraing people this spanish trio on stage started to play. Simple setup: vocals, amplified acoustic guitar and a some good old Kansas City style jazz filled the room. That girl could sing and tha boys could play!! 2 sets of absolute fun. Could not help myself photographing them.....


  1. Nice work! Amazing that you got a look like it was an actual staged shoot! There's such a nice warmth to the photos!

  2. I saw her sing with Free Soul Band about 9 years ago.It good to hear she is still around.