Tuesday, July 29, 2008

nikon d700

Yesterday afternoon I received my new toy!!! the Nikon D700 traditional frame. probably the first one in Spain via Robert White photographics in the UK. Great service this company. All through internet....fast and reliable.

What a beauty this camera!! been playing a bit with it but can´t freakin put them through lightroom, have to buy 2.0 i am afraid.
Photoshop opens them with no probs. Love being back at the normal point of view. I am able to also attach all my old non af prime lenses and program the cam so it recognizes them.
I used for the last 3 years the fujipix S3 pro, it is really old and beatup. Did me a great job all this time, but the slowness killed me.
The flash of the d700 I use now as a commander to fire my sb-800s
The D700 is sooooo fast and easy to use

Have to play some more, soon I ´ll upload some results

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