Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mario Blanca

Together with my lovely assistant Marta Guillen we went for a portrait session in June to one of Malaga's top wedding fashion designers Mario Blanca for the Spanish magazine BodaNova.
We did not have much time, 6 shots in 3 hours. Having totaly embraced the light strobist way I left my bigger monoheads at the studio and just took 2 sb-800 and marta's metz, all filtered with 1/2 cto. With the dress we put a sb800 in the room behind it to give it some glow, triggered with skyports (SP), and 1 sb800 coming from camera left with a shoot through umbrella (stu). Having always worked with reflection umbrellas, i forgot to stupidly turn the umbrella around and kept wondering for half an hour about the lack of power any way I managed I got my head around it during lunchtime. After some more shots we ended up with Mario in his office. He wanted a happy picture and not the regular designer at the drawing board. The idea came up to put him behind a stack of thread-rolls. Keylight is coming from the right with a stu and 1/2 cto, fill is on the left

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  1. I liked reading this story. And the photograph of the designer and his amazing work are really great! Good job, Vincent! I'll be visiting your blog often!