Monday, August 11, 2008

Bjorn Again on San Roque Golf Club

Last Friday I went to San Roque (near Algeciras) to photograph Bjorn Again. Great musicians (and look-a-likes) performing all the ABBA songs. What a pleasure to photograph (also a good chance to put the Nikon D700 to the test....yes it happily made the test!!). Great music, the musicians had a lot of fun and not to mention the audience!!! Big big party
They put up the stage on the shooting range of San Roque Golf & Country Club so plenty of room on the field and they converted the shooting building into the VIP and media area. Very well organized. I was not allowed to put any strobes on stage so I had to use the available light. I put my camera on 'automatic ISO' with a minimum of 1/60th shutterspeed and a max of 3200 ISO
This works excellent in this mode the camera searches for the best ISO value with a 60th shutterspeed. I include a few photos

TL (till later)

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