Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bellydance in Marbella

Two and a half months ago already, I was asked to shoot a bellydance show in the Blackbox Theatre in Marbella. Nice one, I like that kind of assignments. Came early to checkout the theatre. It was a black box!!! very nice little theatre. I decided without asking (to avoid the 'no´s') to put an sb-800 with triggers on either side of the stage just behind the first wings pointing into the stage where they crossed in the middle. I filtered them with 1/4 CTO and put the dome on both of them and zoomed the heads out to 24 mm to get as wide of a beam possible. I put the power on 1/8. Camera (fuji S3) on 800iso and shot on f2,8. Again you keep the original stage lights and have nice keylights on faces. Gives them I crisp feel imo


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