Friday, September 18, 2009

Corporate Portraits

Lately I am getting more and more jobs for corporate portraits. I am very pleased with that cause I love being on location and you get to deal with different environments and people everytime you go out there, I enjoy that so much. Usually there´s not much time available to do these shots. That really put some pressure on your creativity and technical abilities. I try to be able to be there 30-45 mins in advance to scout locations and set up. I travel more or less light; got my ThinkTank rollerback and a stand-bag with 3 stands and a 75cm (30") softbox and a Lowepro trekker with clamps, filters, backdrop, lastolite reflec. panel and the odd piece (that I always seem to use). I shoot everything with my Nikon D700 and 3 sb-800 triggered by my SU-800 commander and sc-29 cord. Its so easy to control all the strobe settings from your camera position (or nearby with the cord) using the Nikon CLS-system. Anyway one of my recent ones is included, hope you like it. Vincent

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