Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some fun with a class of fashion students

Hi all, Its been a long, long time. A bit of a turbulent time, but back now with some regular posts I hope :-)

Earlier this month I had a classroom full of fashion-design students. We talked a bit about photography and fashion. I really have no photgraphic or other background in fashion, so you just make the best of it I suppose. We decided to make it a rolI-play was in charge of the light and camera and the students were in charge of art-direction, styling, modelling anyway the production works and of course being the client. An entertaining roll play I must say.....


  1. Vincent,

    Great images and lighting!

    It reminds me of a recent portrait session with an elderly lady: during the session as we talked it turned out she used to be a ballet dancer, I asked her to show some of those moves, we ended up with some fun photos besides the formal portrait images.


  2. Vincent,

    I tried to send a message on your website, seems like it did not work, so I respond to your message here. Thanks for visiting and for your response. Currently I work and live in the USA. I teach architecture at an art and design University. I am relatively new to professional photography, naturally I have done first mostly architectural photography. Lately I began to look into other areas like, dance, food, portrait... So it is always inspiring to visit other sites like yours. I have been briefly in Malaga once. Looked like a fantastic place. I am curious why you decided to move there?


  3. Pretty models and great use of light! I really like the first one, very professional. good hairlight too. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thank you Tony, of course I had a look at your site. Pretty fantastic work man

    Cheers Vincent