Monday, December 8, 2008

Elinchrom Skyports 4sale

I decided to also put my Elinchrom Skyports up 4 sale in order to move on to the Pocket Wizards: I have 1 transmitter and 2 universal receivers, they are only 6 months old and haven´t been used much, so you´ll find them in mint condition.
They´ll fire any type of flash (I used them with Nikon SB-800, Multiblitz mono heads, Metz, Canon) New price incl IVA (VAT) was € 299 I sell em for € 220 in box with


  1. Vincent,
    I read your comment on Drew Gardner's blogsite and came to check out your website and blog. Great work. I see that you opened your own commercial studio relatively recently. I am an architect and began my commercial photography about a year ago.
    I see that you are trading your skyports for PW's. I am using skyports. If you don't mind, I am curious why you decided to change? When I was shopping around I mostly chose the skyport because they seemed a solid performer and costs about half price.


  2. Hi Arpad,

    Sorry that I react so insanely late, just missed the reaction! :-(

    Thanks for the compliment. I have been a photographer for 16 years now but about 2 years ago I opened up a new studio in a new country after being a staffer for a while. I found out I like the monthly paycheck but being freelance has more option for me at the end. How are you going? are you based in the UK?

    I traded in my Skyports ´cause I did have a few issues with units shutting down. It happened actually quiet often. They are supposed to shut down after 4hours but mine did it a lot earlier. Just never felt really comfortable with them apart from their incredible size.
    I find the PWs great!!! just a bit big and yes expensive. I took advantage of the low pound and purchased 3 units in december. I don´t think I will look back. One very great feature is that I can remotely fire my camera as well and the remote PW cable is actually cheaper than the normal camera remote cable. I will never say the SP are not good, but just the few issues with misfiring made me decide to look for the PWs