Monday, September 29, 2008


We went on assignment for the Spanish wedding magazine Bodanova for their Spa article. The model never showed up so my assistant became also the model after the initial setups. All the shots were fired with elinchrome skyport radio triggers

A sb-800 strobe with grid was atached to a bar right opposite the model just above the water, another sb800 next to the camera for ambient light and the third strobe behind the glass wall creating a big hotspot Nikon D700 f2,8/28-70mm. 1/40 f2.8 iso 640

one strobe behind the models (hey that includes me) and the 2nd one for abient light at the other side of the glass wall, Nikon D700 f2,8/80-200mm, 1/40 f2.8 iso 640

in the far right up corner a sb800 for the wall and some ambient, 2nd sb800 with grid for the models face. Camera left a 3rd one for ambient, Nikon D700 f2,8/80-200mm, 1/60 f2.8 iso 400

A sb800 low aimed at her legs and a second one on the right for ambient, the sunlight backlit everything for separation and ilumination of the water, Nikon D700 f2,8/80-200mm 1/60 f2.8 iso400

just one sb-800 pointed up at the ceiling for ambient non-directional light
Just with my really old f1.8/50mm out of hand, 1/40 f1.8 iso 400

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